Discussions with Carl Lentz

From Berean Research:

By keeping you updated on the continuing exposure of the opposing statements that continue to contradict what one of the largest megachurches in the world has said about two gay men serving in its church, some will tell us we are “beating a dead horse.” We could easily listen to those voices and stop reporting these very disturbing new twists and turns, but then many sheep would be continuing to be mislead by taking Hillsong’s do-what-I-say statements as fact. We are all to contend for the faith, expose lies and teachings that directly contradict God’s Word and point people to the true Gospel of Christ.

No, we are not beating a dead horse, but sounding the alarm so that those who are caught up in deception may be snatched away from its destructive flames. Here then is the latest from ChurchWatch Central

Recently we posted an article explaining how we are concerned that Carl Lentz had made misleading statements to Dr. James White about Hillsong’s position on the acceptance of gay people within the Hillsong Community. Our unease stemmed from a recent episode of The Dividing Line in which Dr. White discusses some email interaction he had with Carl Lentz, and his concerns about a recent statement made by Brian Houston about the inclusion of unrepentant homosexuals as congregation members of Hillsong Church.

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