makes excuses for advertising heretical The Message “Bible”

John Lanagan of My Word Like Fire shares his concerns about the popular blog Got Questions which is one of the go to places for people who have questions about the Bible. He writes: has let the Body of Christ down by approving and linking to a splashy advertisement for the heretical The Message “Bible”–which is not really a Bible at all.

This is shocking, because for years has served as a faithful and reliable ministry.

Is this simply one more indication of the grievous state of the visible church? We are now watching ministers and ministries offend Christ and mislead the saints with growing regularity. Because I objected to carrying this ad, thus lending credibility to The Message, I was offered the option of unsubscribing if I no longer wanted to receive their emails.

The response about The Message was far different than the time advertised the heretical Noah movie. Then, a representative acknowledged they had made a mistake and said it would not happen again. manned up. I wrote about it in comes through!

Times have changed.

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