Creflo Dollar and the case of the missing Facebook post

Berean Research has a couple of posts on Word of faith heretic Creflo Dollar that people must see to believe. The first post is titled: Creflo Dollar removes posts claiming Jesus died to give us “financial prosperity.” BR reports what happened:

I am a huge proponent of screencap. Capturing an image before a false teacher or wolf or talk show host or author realizes he’s been caught pedaling falsehoods is often the only way sheep will realize just how deceitful their beloved Christian celebrities really are. So when I saw that someone had captured yet another horrific, blasphemous lie on social media this morning, I just about fainted: “Jesus bled and died for us so that we can lay claim to the promise of financial prosperity.”

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She also posted a video of Dollar doing the money dance:

If you’ve never seen this video of prosperity preachers Creflo Dollar and LeRoy Thompson dancing across their stage on the dollar bills of congregants, you’d best gird your loins first with truth:

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