Fuller Theological Seminary professor caves. Comes out in support of same-sex relationships

Berean Research reports:

Fuller Theological Seminary professor Daniel Kirk has changed his position on LGBT inclusion in the church. He announced on his blog this weekend that he now fully affirms same-sex relationships:

Is it time for us, not to “accept them into the body,” as though we were making some momentous decision ourselves, but to recognize that God has already accepted them—and we simply need to acknowledge what God has done? We could, like the apostles, exercise our faith by pointing to what it seems that the Spirit is doing and walk by that Spirit in our embrace of those whom God has already embraced. This is the road I’m choosing.

Full post is here. We share this not out of shock or surprise, but to keep you apprised of the daily darkening of the so-called visible Church that has departed from the truth of Scripture. Fuller, after all, was one of the first seminaries to become infected by emergent thought. (See Paul Smith’s must-read book, New Evangelicalism: The New World Order. It is also the home of famous alumni wolves Rob Bell and Tony Jones, a former professor.