“Activating” the kids at Bethel Redding

More lunacy from Bethel “Church” in Redding, California. John Lanagan of My Word Like Fire fills us in on what Bethel’s children’s pastor is up to:

This article was written after watching the following two videos: Jesus asked Bethel Redding Children’s Pastor for forgiveness? Video, and Bethel Redding Children’s Pastor and the giant finance angel? Video

“Activating” the kids at Bethel Redding

1. “We also have a curriculum, four lessons on that that will just get your kids activated in prophesying over each other, over teachers, and learning how God will talk to them, learning to hear Him…” [1] –Seth Dahl, Bethel Redding Children’s Pastor

2. “Oftentimes, I think we get too concerned about is that God or is that me. I think we get way too concerned since we have the mind of Christ. Much of what God will do will feel like us or seem like us. ” [2] –Seth Dahl, Bethel Redding Children’s Pastor

3. “That’s the goal, is to get the children experiencing the works of God from a young age, having experiences to do with God, so they can never be argued out of their experience.” [3] –Seth Dahl, Bethel Redding Children’s Pastor

4. “You know, I think our environment, we have a lot of grace for, let’s say a kid gives a Word of Knowledge that isn’t accurate. We’re okay with that. We just have a high value for risk. And if it didn’t work, it didn’t work, and we move on.” [4] –Eric Johnson, Bethel Redding Pastor

5. “You had me come down and bring some kids to do Words of Knowledge on the stage. Like, how can we activate the kids more?” [5] –Seth Dahl to Eric Johnson

Activate the kids?

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