Hebrew Roots: About that Cepher “Bible”

Berean Research reports on WND’s promotion of a heretical Bible. We should not be surprised as WND promotes all sorts of unbiblical things, as you will see:

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of advertisements for The Cepher Bible, a new translation of sorts brought to you by WND, where editor Joseph Farah sells Cepher alongside The Harbinger, The Rabbi Who Found Jesus, the Mystery of the Shemitah and other questionable books.

WND is a source to mark and avoid for discerning Christians, as I discovered several years ago when I first learned that the site sponsored Sid Roth’s hour-long video tutorial on how to do the New Age Soaking prayer.

But with the growth of the dangerous Hebrew Roots Movement, there is concern that WND’s powerful readership numbers may be aiding and abetting false teachers to reach a whole new audience. Christian Answers for the New Age author Marcia Montenegro recently alerted her readers:

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