Our Church, Our Children and the “Sinner’s Prayer”

Children prayingAmy of Berean Research shares a letter she received from a mom who learned that, while she attended a Bible study, the children’s leaders were “cheerfully working to coerce the children into praying the Sinner’s Prayer.” But is reciting a prayer out loud or in our heads even biblical? Some say yes, others say no. Amy believes “it is biblical to pray to Jesus to ask Him to forgive us our sins. But without true repentance, there can be no regeneration.” Thus, “it is not biblical to say someone is saved ‘because of reciting the Sinner’s Prayer.’ We must put our trust, hope, and faith in Christ and His sacrifice on the cross, but to give someone assurance of salvation based on reciting a prayer, or thinking the words in our heads as someone else says them, does not produce saving faith.”

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