Franklin Graham quits GOP, says America “in trouble” unless more Christians in office

From Berean Research:

Rev. Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, is unhappy with the way things are going in America. What will solve the problem? He believes that if “godly men and women” get involved in the political process they can “change this wicked system.” How are we to determine if a person is “godly”? The article doesn’t tell us. Rev. Graham is quoted as saying that he’d like to see people who have “biblical values” run for office. Certainly he knows that having biblical values does not mean a person is an authentic Christian. There are untold numbers of counterfeit Christians in America! In fact, many of them already hold public office and are the CEO’s of megachurches. Likewise, counterfeits run ginormous “Christian” organizations. One example of a “Christian” politician is our president, Barack Obama. An example of a megachurch CEO is “America’s Pastor” Rick Warren. Do you see the dilemma?

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