Prosperity preachers claim private planes prevent flying with “demons” on commercial airlines

According to Christian Examiner:

Demons - Saint AnthonyKenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis – both multi-millionaire preachers of the “name it and claim it” prosperity gospel – have taken to the air to explain their need for private luxury jets, in part because they travel to so many locations weekly, but also so they won’t have to fly with “demons.”

Duplantis said in a five minute video clip Dec. 30 (begin at 2:08) that God revealed to him the need for the private jet in the midst of a flight in his plane, just after a meeting with fellow prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar – the minister who this summer produced a slick marketing video asking his followers to donate $60 million for a new jet.

The board of directors for Dollar’s ministry later apologized for the video, but insisted the luxury aircraft was a legitimate need for the minister.

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