Rep. Chris Smith: “Planned Parenthood Dismembers or Chemically Poisons a Baby to Death Every 2 Minutes”

According to CNSNews:

Rep. Chris Smith, who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Global Human Rights, said on the House floor on Wednesday that Planned Parenthood is “Child Abuse, Incorporated,” and that the group “dismembers or chemically poisons a baby to death every 2 minutes.”

In its latest annual report, Planned Parenthood said its affiliates performed 323,999 abortion procedures in fiscal 2014 (which ended on Sept. 30, 2014). Given that there are 525,600 minutes in a 365-day year, that means Planned Parenthood’s 323,999 abortions in fsical 2014 averaged one every 1.62 minutes.

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