Popular Christian music groups teaching heresy?

From Berean Research:

The blog post below addresses the astonishing lack of discernment among self-professed Christians when it comes to contemporary Christian music (CCM). The truth of the matter is that most CCM really isn’t Christian at all — not even close! How do I know that? By listening to the lyrics. More often than not CCM is unbiblical, even blasphemous! But many Christians don’t have the spiritual discernment to pick up on it. Sadly, some people who profess Christ really don’t care about the words that go from their lips to God’s ears. Why? Mainly because worship is all about me, not about God, so little or no attention is paid to the words we sing to Him.

But words matter, and what we say to God should matter a lot. Instead, Christians are focusing on themselves — their feelings and experiences….have I hit a nerve?

So now to Learning the Path’s post. Some of the videos are disturbing to watch. I urge you to watch them anyway.

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