Pastor accuses Southern Baptist leader of “lobbing spit wads” at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump

According to Christian Examiner Russell Moore is under fire for, among other things, likening Donald Trump to the “golden calf.”

When the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission Russell Moore just a few weeks ago opined that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz represented the “Jerry Falwell” wing of evangelical voters, he couldn’t have known Donald Trump would be the keynote speaker at Falwell’s Southern-Baptist affiliated Liberty University Monday, January 18.

Moore didn’t acknowledge his characterizations, however, in a blistering string of one-line tweets aimed at both GOP presidential frontrunner Trump and Liberty University’s president Jerry Falwell Jr., who introduced Trump as similar to his late father, long considered a leader of America’s moral majority.

“Absolutely unbelievable,” Moore responded to a comment he re-tweeted in which Falwell said in his introduction of Trump, “By their fruits ye shall know them. Donald Trump’s life has born fruit.”

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