Mark Driscoll rises from the ashes in Phoenix

Mark DriscollLaura Turner, columnist for Religion News Service, reveals what’s going on with disgraced “pastor” Mark Driscoll. As previously reported, in July Driscoll confirmed his move to Phoenix, AZ but said he had no plans to start a church. Shortly thereafter he was listed as a director of The Trinity Church. In this piece, Turner reports the details of Driscoll’s new church and then she drops this bombshell:

Driscoll has left a wake of destruction so severe that the entire network of churches he founded had to shutter its doors. He has never taken full responsibility for his abusive tactics, never apologized to many of the individuals who he wronged, and doesn’t appear to have absorbed much of a lesson at all from his failings. But he’s back again, like a whack-a-mole. This is what happens when church leaders don’t take responsibility for their actions, and don’t engage in the kind of counseling they need: They simply pop up somewhere new to wreak the same havoc in a different place.

Although we don’t always agree with Laura Turner, we do agree with her that Mark Driscoll has not taken responsibility for his actions. Thus, “he should find a new job for a while; one that doesn’t involve leading anyone or taking a paycheck from a church. His family needs to heal.”

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