For Necco, a different kind of “Sweethearts”

The different kind of sweethearts is an 80-something newly married gay couple. In The Briefing, Albert Mohler observes that we see “the importance of the United States Supreme Court handing down its decision, legalizing by judicial fiat same-sex marriage in all 50 states. And so now we have confectioners hiring an advertising campaign feeling that they have political cover by the United States Supreme Court to feature two 80-year-old men as their sweetheart couple for 2016.”

The Boston Globe has the story:

Valentines DayThe ad for Necco Sweethearts candy, features two 80-something men on a couch, plucking conversation hearts out of a box as they discuss their 55 years together.

How a newly married gay couple from Texas became the spokesmen for an iconic New England brand involves a one-of-a-kind convergence of history, romance and candy — 150 years’ worth of tiny, heart-shaped confections.

With the anniversary approaching, the New England Confectionery Co., (Necco) based in Revere, hired Boston’s Hill Holliday to create a digital ad campaign inviting people to share their love stories.

All roads lead to Valentine’s Day for Sweethearts, and a member of Hill Holliday’s creative team, Steve Callan, quickly realized that this will be the first Valentine’s Day in history in which all couples, gay or straight, across the United States are allowed to be married.

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