“Step Into the Healing Flow and Receive God’s Will For Your Life.” Jennifer LeClaire

Jennifer LeClaire is the senior editor of Charisma Magazine. Recently she made this comment on Facebook.

Healing handsIt’s a John 5:4 season in the body of Christ. Whatever needs healed. Whatever needs restored. Whatever needs new life, the Lord is asking “Do you want to be healed?” He wants to heal you. Don’t let the devil trouble your mind with doubt. Step into the healing flow and receive God’s will for your life.

To which the Museum of Idolatry responded:

Is it really “a John 5:4 season in the body of Christ” as she says?

Well, John 5:4 is the just about the WORST verse in the whole New Testament to be “proclaimed” or “declared” or “decreed.” Some translations of the Bible (The NIV and ESV, for example) don’t even have this verse-they just go from John 5:3 right to John 5:5! Why? Because this is the story of the angel stirring up the pool water that would cause people to get healed, and many experts believe this was inserted into the Bible later. Many reliable and early manuscripts don’t contain this story. The real purpose of this passage is to show that Jesus is God (not that Jesus is your personal genie-in-a-bottle). He’s the God who can (really) heal people, and we are not to trust in a pool that’s been stirred up by an angel-or any other superstition.

Jennifer LeClaire saying: “it’s a John 5:4 season in the body of Christ!” is kinda like saying: “it’s a stirred up pool season in the body of Christ!”

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