Newsweek calls those who believe in divine creation “evangelical extremists”

Noah's ArkIn today’s The Briefing Albert Mohler discussed an article that appeared in Newsweek entitled “Noah’s Ark Rises In Kentucky, Dinosaurs And All” that has to do with the Ark Encounter, the replica of Noah’s Ark being built by the ministry Answers in Genesis. According to Mohler, “The article itself is an attack on the ministry and an attack on the project, but what’s really, really interesting is the subhead in the article, because it speaks of evangelical Christians who deny the theory of evolution and believe in divine creation as,

“evangelical extremists.”

Lindsay Tucker’s piece, says Mohler, “is really not all that important, but the headline is. It tells us that, according to the liberal secular elites in this country, if you believe in the biblical account of creation, you are an evangelical extremist. The dominant secular academy so committed to the worldview of Darwinism and evolution finds it inconceivable that a large sector of Americans still refuse to accept evolution and still believe in the biblical account of creation. So what exactly do they think of us? As being eccentric, or odd, or confessional, convictional? No, as this headline makes very clear, they consider us “evangelical extremists.” Who knew that merely believing in the total truthfulness and the historicity of the book of Genesis would earn us the label “evangelical extremists” in Newsweek magazine, but there it is in plain print.”

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