Francis Chan’s not afraid of the big bad wolf, says “I still love Mike Bickle!”

From Berean Research:

In a piece I wrote entitled The Prosperity Preacher and the Pied Piper of IHOP I warned the Body of Christ that it had become evident that popular preacher Francis Chan had started moving away from Christian orthodoxy and offered proof of this. One thing I found problematic was that Chan chose to unite with and sing praises to IHOP Kansas City’s Pied Piper, Mike Bickle. Bickle is not only a false teacher, some people say he’s a cult leader. It’s common knowledge that several years ago Mike Bickle was in cahoots with a heretical group known as the Kansas City Prophets. According to the late Ken Silva, the KCP “brought grandiose claims that a ‘new breed’ of super prophets were beginning to arrive on planet earth who would change the world forever. These so-called prophets were a group of men that coalesced around a church known as the Kansas City Fellowship, pastored by Mike Bickle, that attracted a following of other likeminded churches in that region.”

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