Pastor Lucado: Trump Saying He’s a Christian “Beyond Reason to Me”

Donald Trump 2Two megachurch preachers from the lone star state have very different opinions of GOP candidate Donald Trump. In the NewsMax piece Max Lucado takes issue with Trump for calling himself an evangelical Christian. Not so fast, says Lucado. We must first carefully inspect the fruit before we can determine if Trump is a true Christian. If only he had bothered to inspect the fruit of Joel Osteen before agreeing to preach at his church. And there was zero fruit inspection when it came to endorsing and writing the forward to Word of Faith pastrix of Hillsong Church Christine Caine’s book Undaunted. But I digress.

Whether or not The Donald is a Christian doesn’t concern Robert Jeffress who has been introducing him on the stump. Jeffress says the reason he’s supporting Trump is because he’s the most conservative candidate that’s electable.

Our point in bringing Robert Jeffress into the discussion is to show that evangelical leaders often have very different views of the candidates.

Now to Max Lucado’s assessment of Donald Trump:

Best-selling Christian author Max Lucado believes Donald Trump speaks with a forked tongue when he calls himself a Christian one day and launches jaw-dropping personal attacks on people the next.

“It would be none of my business, I would have absolutely no right to speak up except that he repeatedly brandishes the Bible and calls himself a Christian,” the San Antonio pastor said in an interview with Christianity Today magazine.

“If he’s going to call himself a Christian one day and call someone a bimbo the next or make fun of somebody’s menstrual cycle, it’s just beyond reason to me.”

Lucado — the author of nearly 100 Christian books which have sold 80 million copies — said he had never opposed a presidential candidate before the billionaire developer entered the political arena.

“There was a time in Iowa when he said ‘I’m a Christian,’ and somebody asked about forgiveness and he said ‘I’ve never asked God for forgiveness.’ I can’t imagine that. I’m just shaking my head going ‘How does that work?'” Lucado said.

“Does a swimmer say ‘I’ve never gotten wet?’ Does a musician say ‘I’ve never sung a song?’ How does a person claim to be a Christian and never need to ask for forgiveness?”

Trump has made headlines with the shoot-from-the-lip missiles he’s fired at opponents, recently ripping Sen. Ted Cruz as a “totally unstable individual” and the “single biggest liar I’ve ever come across.”

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