Your Choice: Homosexual Hegemony or Free Speech

Bill Muehlenberg of Culture Watch details how homosexual fascism is on the rise. LGBT activists aim to silence all dissenting voices and are attempting to destroy anyone who disagrees with their radical agenda. We’re in the midst of a moral revolution that is rapidly spreading across America and pressure to conform to the LGBT agenda is mounting. Muehlenberg reminds us that freedom of speech is at stake, especially for Bible believing Christians — and he has several examples of Christians who are being persecuted for clinging to the biblical view that homosexuality is a sin. (Rom 1:24-27, 1 Cor. 6:9) He writes:

SilencedIt’s becoming abundantly clear that we either insist on a whole raft of special rights for homosexuals, or we defend freedom of speech, but we cannot have both. Every day we find more appalling examples of homosexual militants and their allies in the State clamping down on freedom of speech.

Simply dare to take a contrary view to the reigning homosexual orthodoxy and all hell will break loose. That is why in my 2014 book Dangerous Relations I had an entire chapter on the erosion of freedom under the homosexual juggernaut. I offered 165 examples from a 34 month period of individuals being persecuted for holding differing beliefs.

Simply to state that marriage is between a man and a woman on your own private Facebook page for example can result in you being fined or fired. And some of the horror cases I cite show that differing viewpoints can even see you being jailed.

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