“Psst…Lectio Divina…Your Mysticism is Showing”

From Berean Research:

The first time I heard the term lectio divina I thought it was from the Harry Potter books, probably a spell cast by Harry to render an enemy helpless. But, no, as it so happens it’s Latin for “sacred reading” and we’re urged to practice it as we read our Bible and pray.  Not surprisingly, lectio divina is brought to us by the Roman Catholic magical mystical monks.  In a nutshell, the idea is to “turn your mind from outward things to the deep parts of your being,” while reading the Bible.  Supposedly, “You are not there to learn to read, but…to experience the presence of your Lord!”  Catholic mysticism, anyone?

Pamela Couvrette of Guarding the Deposit explores lectio divina and tells us why this practice is both unbiblical and dangerous. She writes:

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