LifeWay & Beth Moore: What Ails Us

Bud Ahlheim of Pulpit & Pen illuminates us on Beth Moore’s troubling teaching.  Despite all the warnings and wake up calls Bereans are shouting from the rooftops, many women still idolize Mrs. Moore and choose to follow her decidedly unbiblical, and oftentimes dangerous, teaching as you will see here:

This email was waiting for me in my inbox this morning.  It’s from LifeWay Women. Now, I’m not a woman, and I don’t remember signing up for emails from this gender-specific marketing arm of the heresy peddlers in Nashville.  Still, I’m not unsubscribing because, paraphrasing what my mom used to say to me, it shows “just what ails us”.  (Mom actually used the query “What ails you?” as a stern form of maternal correction.  Most of the time I got the message!  Hmmm, maybe Beth needs a stern “What ails you?” warning from someone.)


If you have basic discernment skills, the email screen grab above shows exactly what “ails us”.

That Beth Moore is a false teacher is granted, and obvious to most.  LifeWay must be making oodles of cash from promoting her nonsense.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, LifeWay isn’t exactly known as a responsible, discerning affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention.  The SBC just disregards the obvious concerns that ought to be causing air-raid heresy sirens to blare.  But, nah, never mind that.

Now, back to the email graphic above.

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