‘Young Messiah’ makes merchandise of men’s souls

Movies such as this one are theologically dangerous warns Berean Research.  The executive producer of the film, Chris Columbus, also produced two Harry Potter films. Columbus said in an interview that “Young Messiah” is the “greatest story never told.”  He also said that he had a team of theologians looking over his shoulder and according to them the film is historically accurate and “orthodox.”  That is highly unlikely since the film is based on Anne Rice’s novel “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt.” Prior to writing about the life of Christ, Rice penned a series of books about vampires, became famous, and made a small fortune.  And then she set her sights on Jesus.

Anyone who has read the Bible knows that the scriptures are silent on Jesus’ life as a child; thus, anything written about Him at age 7 is shear speculation!  What’s troubling about all this is that gullible people are going to believe the story’s true. Even worse — professing Christians will see this train wreck and (good grief!) they’ll purchase the merchandise.

Now to BR’s piece:

You can’t have a Christiollywood blockbuster without the bling.  While you won’t find Young Messiah Happy Meal toys in your fast food, the Jesus trading cards and games introduce a whole new kind of fandom.

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Successful movies require bling. Successful Christian genre films require endorsements and film-based preaching. From sermon guides and resources to small group study materials, the film is quickly making merchandise of men’s souls.

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