Christian celebs want to unite the Body of Christ with….wolves?

From Berean Research:

Bud Ahlheim of Pulpit & Pen fills us in on The Gathering, an upcoming event where wolves in sheep’s clothing posing as Christians and a few of what I refer to as the low-information evangelical (LIE) will be gathering to “unite the Body of Christ in America.”  Why do LIEs wish to unite believers with those who teach doctrines of demons?

Please tell me how these sorts of events glorify God.  And how. pray tell, do they help those who are seeking Truth?  Speakers at The Gathering include Church leaders such as Ronnie Floyd, Jack Graham (SBC), Kay Arthur (noted Bible teacher) and Anne Graham Lotz (on behalf of Billy Graham) who, for reasons known only to them, choose to gather with WOLVES such as Kenneth CopelandRobert Morris (Word of Faith) and Samuel Rodriguez (NAR).

What’ll it take to get LIE celebs to guard against error?

Ahlheim writes:

Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie “Armani” Floyd is at it again. He’s attending yet another ecumenical conference; this one is advertised as “a solemn assembly”. It has been dubbed “The Gathering” and a gathering it is.  It’s a whose who of evangelical outlaws, in-laws, crooks, and straights.  Apparently, the main requirements to be apart of this “solemn assembly” are the ability to use “God” in a sentence and attract a million dollar following. The ability to use God’s name correctly is apparently optional.  The website for the event, which is evocative of some new age, mystical conclave, can be seen HERE.  By the time Floyd attends this event, which is scheduled for September 21, 2016, he will (thankfully) no longer be the President of the Southern Baptist Convention. Yet his willing participation in this rogue’s gallery gathering brings great harm to the witness of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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