Candace Cameron Bure Blasts Fuller House Critics as “Ridiculous,” Posts Lustful Kiss From Show

According to Christian News Network some of Bure’s fans are not on board with her new show.  One fan commented: “I’m a little disappointed with the show.  There are sexual references, immodest clothing, and you even said a curse word. It makes me sad.”:

Unrepentant talk show host and actress Candace Cameron Bure is taking issue with “negativity” and “religious debates” from her fans who are flooding her social media pages with concern about the content in “Fuller House”—a restart of the 80’s show “Full House”—which features immodesty, lesbian kissing, sexual and alcoholic references and other controversial content. Days after calling for an end, she posted a photograph of a scene where she jumps on a man who is not her husband and passionately kisses him.

“This is getting ridiculous!!” she fumed last Saturday, next to a cartoon of an annoyed Cameron Bure saying “c’mon.” “STOP having religious debates about me and my family on my comments thread after EVERY single photo I post when they have nothing to do with the picture!”

Cameron Bure instructed fans to ignore negative comments and to take the talk elsewhere.

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