Justin Bieber introduces “Jesus Calling” to millions

John Lanagan of My Word Like Fire has the story:

Jesus CallingWhile Warren B. Smith, Lighthouse Trails, Tim Challies and others have labored to warn Christians about Jesus Calling, singer Justin Bieber has introduced the book’s false Christ to millions in one fell swoop.

According to Relevant Magazine, during the last weekend of January 2016, “pop star Justin Bieber shared a devotional passage with his 56 million Instagram followers. Alongside the caption ‘Happy Saturday,’ Bieber posted an image of a page from Sarah Young’s best-selling daily devotional Jesus Calling, which calls readers to ‘Worship me only. Whatever occupies your mind becomes your god … Guard your thoughts diligently; good thought-choices will keep you close to me.’” [1] (Complete passage click here)

Like most people, Justin Bieber has no knowledge of the background or origin of Jesus Calling. Many in the visible church have been reading the communications of this false, contemplative Christ for years. As Warren B. Smith has noted, “While the apostle Paul expressed his ‘fear’ that the Corinthian church could be deceived by false Christs (2nd Corinthians 11:3-4), the true Jesus Christ warned that before His return, many would be deceived by false Christs (Matthew 24:3-5).” [2]

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