UK Therapist Suspended for Sharing Christianity with Muslim Co-Worker Loses Appeal

Christian News Network reports:

An occupational therapist who was suspended from her job for nine months after her Muslim co-worker alleged that she was trying to convert her to Christianity has lost her appeal before an employment tribunal.

As previously reported, Victoria Wasteney, now 39, had developed a friendship with her colleague Enya Nawaz, now 28, as they worked at the St. John Howard Center in London. The two had discussed Islam and Christianity, and Wasteney had talked to Nawaz about her church’s efforts to fight human trafficking.

“The whole basis of our conversations around faith started with her telling me that she’d had an encounter with God, that she felt she had been brought to London for a particular reason,” Wasteney told reporters. “We were both interested in what one another were involved in. It was part of the normal process of building a relationship with someone, to talk about primarily things we were interested in outside of work.”

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