Stunned Cruz supporters ask: What happened?

Byron York of Washington Examiner lays out the reasons Ted Cruz dropped out of the race.  Did Cruz make a decision to get out even before Indiana?  According to York:

Hours before the Cruz campaign’s election-night event, the buzz was that Ted Cruz would deliver “somber” remarks. “Somber” became the word of the moment as people who were inside the Cruz structure, but not high-up enough to know what was going on, tried to figure out what would happen.

The room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel slowly filled with Cruz volunteers, many of whom had come to Indiana from out of state because they believed strongly in Cruz. Some came thinking Cruz would win the primary. Even those who worried he would lose Indiana were sure he would vow to fight on to the convention.

But there were clues that Cruz had decided otherwise. A lot of Cruz staff, who normally worked at headquarters in Houston and who rarely if ever traveled with him, were there in Indianapolis. Why would so many travel for this particular event?

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