Shirley Dobson Passes Prayer Mantle to Anne Graham Lotz?

Seems “mantles” are all the rage these days.  Recently Mormon Glenn Beck was presented “a new mantle for the future” from NAR lying “prophet” Chuck Pierce.  A few days ago Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, received her own mantle. Berean Research tells us what the mantle thing is all about:

Anne Graham Lotz, Shirley Dobson

Anne Graham Lotz is now the next Chairman of the National Day Of Prayer, having received a ” Prayer Mantle of Leadership” from her predecessor, Shirley Dobson. An interesting choice of words, “Prayer Mantle.”  We Christians tend to use a lot of words that can leave those who don’t share our faith scratching their heads. But “mantle” is one of those words that tend to be used by a subset of Christians, and that word can and should cause more than a head scratch.

Are there biblical mantles?

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