Calvary Chapel Golden Springs Invites A Wolf to Feed the Sheep

Over at the Last Hiker we learn of the latest Calvary Chapel controversy.  Guitarist of Korn, Brian “Head” Welch, will be a guest speaker at SHINE Diamond Bar May 22 to promote his new book, “With My Eyes Wide Open.”  According to Last Hiker, Welch has extreme charismatic beliefs which will be included in his book.  What are some of his mystical beliefs?:

Brian Head WelchHe believes Jesus drops black angelic feathers on him while he worships, and puts gemstones in his hands at church. He believes that Jesus Himself, has walked into his house (video on his Facebook). He believes that it is better to roll around on the floor and be drunk in the spirit than actually sit and listen to a sermon. He has said that God loves us the way a man loves his wife’s naked body. He has a sensual, mystical, extreme charistmatic, drunk in the spirit type of spirituality. And he is being invited to a Calvary Chapel to sell his book??? Calvary distribution wouldn’t even sell the books that are written by the people that share his point of view–because it is UNBIBLICAL!!!! …

Evidence is provided to prove these claims.

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H/T John Lanagan