Aborted babies DO live

Berean Research reveals the hard truth about what can happen during an abortion procedure: some babies do live:

Abortion does one thing: End the life of a human being. A baby that was alive for weeks and months, suddenly and violently murdered.  For abortionists, it’s a clump of tissue that to them was already dead.  But sometimes their own eyes are yanked open by the brutal reality of what they are doing.

Newly released 911 calls

highlight the devastating reality of abortion: Babies are being slaughtered, and the killers are neutralizing the language to make this evil practice more palatable.

An abortion clinic worker in February had just sucked a little 21-week-old baby out of his mother, and was shocked to find the baby gasping for breath. That’s not how she reported it. She used different words. Clinical, neutral words.  The television station reporting it did likewise:

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