Worshipping Religious Liberty: SBC Joins Mosque Building Effort

Should Christians stand and fight for religious liberty?  Bud Ahlheim of Pulpit & Pen says yes, but “We should be cautious about how we align with this god of religious liberty because it is nothing less than the current ‘spirit of the world,’ the one beckoning for tolerance and co-existence.”  He writes:

Southern Baptists, through their Ethics And Religious Liberty Commission and their International Mission Board, have joined hands with Muslims and others to help build a mosque.

But they have to.  It’s inevitable when you hold closely to the tenets of American Christianity.

The SBC’s ERLC and IMB have joined in with the likes of the Center for Islam and Religious Freedom, the Interfaith Coalition on Mosques, the International Society of Krishna Consciousness, the Sikh Coalition, and other unlikely allies to support building a mosque.  According to The Becket Fund For Religious Liberty (An organization in which Russell Moore is on the Board of Directors) over 20 “interfaith” groups have united to push forward the agenda of the god of religious liberty in support of the mosque.

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