Hillsong: Houston IS The Problem

Bud Ahlheim of Pulpit & Pen fills us in on what the problem is.  Hint: Brian Houston and the false prosperity gospel coming from Hillsong.  Bud offers many examples of why churches should reconsider using this popular group’s music during worship. Words matter, as you will see:

Brian Houston’s autobiographical fodder entitled Live Love Lead, published in 2015 by Faith Words, an indicia of Hatchette Book Group Inc (It certainly is a “hatchet” job on truth!), is hyped to be “a transformative approach to life” that will “help you navigate a faith path that is all your own.”  By implementing “his own life-tested experiences and the powerful biblical truths he’s learned,” you too may harness techniques that will “enable you to live fully, love completely, and lead boldly – the hallmarks of Jesus’ time on earth.”

Among the many endorsements plastered prior to the book’s preface and emblazoned upon the back cover, there should be one sufficient enough to warn off the discerning.  Rick Warren, the false teacher of the Southern Baptist Convention and wanna-be pope of unbiblical ecumenism, wrote, “This is a remarkable book by a remarkable man.  You will love his transparency and passion!”

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