The Pentagon’s New Policy on Transgender Soldiers Is Pure Social Engineering

David French of National Review brings to light what the Left has in store for the U.S. armed forces — and the loons are just warming up. French bristles, “God help the Army doctor or medical professional who refuses to facilitate a servicemember’s ‘transition.’ Good luck being a chaplain preaching about the created order if there is a prickly leftist around.”  He writes:

Photo courtesy US Defense Watch (

Photo courtesy US Defense Watch (

In the year’s most predictable political move, the Pentagon has ended its ban on transgender soldiers serving in the military. There is no conceivable military justification for this move. The actual and potential transgender military population is tiny (the “upper end” estimate of 11,000 is hilariously exaggerated), the medical procedures for “transitioning” are hideously expensive, and the entire process can take soldiers out of the fight for extended periods.

But this move isn’t about national security, it’s about social engineering. Many members of the military will spend their entire careers without encountering a single transgender soldier, but they will endure hour upon hour of diversity training and thought control. Every time the military makes a move like this, it follows its pronouncements with briefings — so very many briefings. I was a brigade judge advocate when the military lifted its ban on openly gay servicemembers, and we were all treated to the full range of stern lectures about tolerance and diversity.

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