The Great American Divide

“America is still America,” says Robert Knight, “a beacon of liberty. Millions of Americans are raising families, working hard, living out their faith, and trying to ignore the ruling elites’ siren song of enlightened debauchery and government dependency. We have much to be thankful for.”  In a piece Knight penned for The Washington Times he brings to our attention the Left’s “full-throated liberal assault on God, reason and American liberty, dressed in the language of “equality,” “fairness” and “tolerance.”  Knight begins:

A guest speaker at a suburban Maryland church, I mounted the pulpit after a color guard had gone down the aisle with Old Glory. The congregation applauded those who had served in the armed forces. Then they settled in for what they hoped would be a Christian-themed patriotic message.

I started with humor, but soon fell into a jeremiad about how we were losing America’s culture war, turning us into a nation that our Founders wouldn’t recognize. It did not go over well. As I shook hands with people filing out, very few looked me in the eye. My wife later told me in a somewhat diplomatic tone, “it was a real downer, Bob.”

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