The Man Who Tried to Kill Reagan Is Going Free. Americans Should Be Outraged.

Craig Shirley of The Daily Signal believes releasing John Hinkley is a “purely political decision by Judge Paul L. Friedman, who clearly wishes to corrupt Reagan’s legacy.”

The decision to release John Hinckley Jr. from St. Elizabeth’s psychiatric hospital after his attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan is outrageous, disgraceful, and a travesty of justice.

No matter how much supervision he has, Hinckley cannot be trusted to move and function in society.

Even though his victims, Reagan and White House press secretary James Brady, have died, Hinckley remains a threat. According to the Secret Service, he is still obsessed with Jodie Foster. Hinckley’s actions remain a terrible stain on American history and a reminder of the lifetime of damage that can be caused by one man in a matter of seconds.

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