Andy Stanley’s astonishing lack of discernment worsens

From Berean Research:

Andy Stanley 3Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Church, has once again drawn attention to himself. This time for featuring a Beatles medley presented at North Point’s Sunday morning worship service. As previously reported, Stanley recently received criticism for allowing a raunchy stage act at the mega church he pastors where the song “Love The Way You Turn Me On” was performed by a “90s Boys Band.”  As Mortification of Spin co-host Todd Pruitt pointed out in a scathing blog post, “Andy is the go-to guy when it comes to effective communication and leadership.” Pruitt believes that the sort of entertainment North Point allows dishonors God and is destructive to God’s people; thus it has no place in a worship service.  He went on to say that those who watch the video will see that the “sickness at the heart of North Point is on full display.”

“Why write about this?” asks Steven Kozar in a blog post entitled Hands Up For The British Invasion At North Point Community Church. He responds, “Because Andy Stanley and many other churches use these tactics which in the end detract from focusing on the gospel at an official church worship service.”

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