The Dirty Little Secret Pot Pushers Don’t Want You to Know About

According to Cully Stimson of The Daily Signal, some of the risks of smoking marijuana include “higher risks of motor vehicle accidents, heart attacks, and impaired immune systems and short-term memories. Evidently, the pot pushers don’t want you to know this truth.” Pot pushers also don’t want the public to know that the drug is already available in pill or liquid form that are safer to use because THC levels can be monitored.

MarijuanaStates have passed so-called “medical marijuana” laws under the theory that pot has medicinal benefits that can’t be produced by other, legal means.

But what if there was a Food and Drug Administration-approved drug that gave you all the benefits of the active ingredients in marijuana, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol?

What if that drug had been rigorously tested through clinical trials to make sure that it worked as promised, was properly dosed, and had no unanticipated side effects?

And what if you could get that lawful drug from your doctor in pill or liquid form?

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