“Dead Raising Tents” Coming To The SBC or A Denomination Near You?

Scripture teaches that “it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment.” (Heb 9:27) Even so, NAR “prophet” Todd Bentley claims that he routinely raises the dead. “I actually have a dead raising tent that I’ve used for ten years in Africa,” declares Bentley. “I also use it for the demon possessed … cause I figure the dead and the demon possessed could be in the same tent.”  Bud Ahlheim of Pulpit & Pen has the story as well as the video of the false prophet making this absurd claim.

Raising of LazarusThe story of Lazarus in Scripture (John 11) is a powerful testimony to the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Given “authority over all things in heaven and on earth,” (Matthew 28:18) Christ’s act of resurrecting Lazarus had to be, for those contemporary onlookers, an event invoking staggering awe of His power. Equally, it serves for us as a powerful metaphor that we who, once dead in trespasses and sins, (Ephesians 2:1) have been brought from spiritual death unto spiritual life.

But … if you’re an instrument of demonic deception, the self-proclaimed power to raise the dead is a toxic talent that will drive thousands of Word-void souls to seek solace in the alleged divine touch of your hands, the presumed power of your prayers. Oh, yeah, they’ll no doubt fill your “support our ministry” coffers as well.

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