Target is discounting everything to win shoppers back amid boycott

Target seems to be getting desperate in their effort to win shoppers back.  As previously reported, a large number of people have chosen to boycott the superstore because transgender men are allowed to share women’s restrooms and fitting rooms. What was Target’s solution?  To spend $20 million to add single-stall restrooms — but the restrooms are for those who are uncomfortable sharing a restroom with someone of the opposite sex. Now management has decided to discount everything in the store to win boycotters back.  What we learn from all this is that boycotting can make a difference. Business Insider has the story:

Target StoreTarget is launching a first-of-its-kind one-day sale to try and boost back-to-school shopper traffic amid a boycott over its bathroom policy.

The retailer is offering a 10% discount on everything in its stores and online on Sunday. Target is calling the event #TargetRunDay.

It marks the first time Target has ever offered a 10% discount both in stores and on its website.

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