The SBC’s wisdom about Disney

David Roach of Baptist Press examines The Disney Company’s move  away from Judeo-Christian religious practices to secular and even idolatrous practices. According to Roach, portrayals of marriage and gender roles have changed. Because Disney children’s entertainment “contain elements that seem likely to influence children away from Christian doctrine and morality,” should parents not allow their children to watch Disney movies and shows?  Roach writes:

Disney characters 2In anticipation of watching Disney’s “Finding Dory” with my children in the theater this summer, I pulled up the trailer on my phone and noticed what appeared to be a scene featuring a lesbian couple with a baby.

The scene passes quickly, and co-director Andrew Stanton told USA Today the two animated women, who caused a significant internet stir, “can be whatever you want them to be.”

Still, viewing that scene — and other moments in the Disney movies my daughters love — has reminded me of Southern Baptists’ wisdom in 2005 when they pledged in conjunction with ending an eight-year Disney boycott “to continue to monitor the products and policies of The Disney Company.”

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