After uproar, U.S. government says does not plan to kill wild horses

Recently CRN posted a piece entitled “Wild Horses Should Be Killed Or Sold, Government Board Decides.” But according to a new report the animals are no longer condemned to die. We now learn from MSN that the government “has no plans to euthanize a large share of the more than 45,000 wild horses and burros removed from lands mostly in the U.S. West, after an advisory panel’s proposal to kill some of the animals sparked outrage.” Here’s the rest of the story:

Wild horsesU.S. Bureau of Land Management officials said they struggle to find people to adopt the growing number of wild horses and burros, which costs the agency millions annually to maintain in corrals and pasturelands.

The National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board on Friday recommended the bureau consider euthanizing the animals that cannot be adopted, or selling them to companies that might slaughter them.

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