Candidates Spar in Debate, Offer Vastly Different Visions for Leading the U.S.

Here’s the Wallstreet Journal’s view of last night’s debate:

trump-and-clintonHillary Clinton and Donald Trump clashed Monday night in one of the most eagerly awaited presidential debates in modern political history, offering dramatically different visions of how they would lead the country as they attacked each other’s biggest vulnerabilities.

Both nominees came to the stage at Hofstra University sharing the burden of being among the best-known and least liked candidates ever to run for the White House.

Mrs. Clinton, who had prepared methodically for the showdown, managed to put Mr. Trump on the defensive for most of the night and avoided being knocked off her own message as was the fate for many of his opponents at Republican primary debates.

Mr. Trump, meanwhile, pressed the Democratic nominee on her email practices at the State Department and her shifting position on trade, but didn’t raise questions about the Clinton Foundation and the influence of its donors.

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