“Vitriol” among United Church members as atheist minister closer to being dismissed in formal hearing

According to National Post, the United Church of Canada is facing a dilemma.  Should they or shouldn’t they remove an avowed atheist minister from a “Christian” church.

atheistA United Church of Canada minister who is a self-professed atheist and has been the subject of an unprecedented probe into her theological beliefs is one step closer to being removed from the pulpit.

Sub-executive members of the church’s Toronto Conference announced Thursday they have asked the church’s general council, the most senior governance body, to hold a formal hearing to decide whether Rev. Gretta Vosper, who does not believe in God or the Bible, should be placed on the disciplinary “Discontinued Service List.”

“Some will be disappointed and angry that this action has been taken, believing that the United Church may be turning its back on a history of openness and inclusivity,” it said in a statement.

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