What makes a false religion false?

Christians believe that Christianity is the only true religion; thus all other religions are false.

What are the essential doctrines of the Christian faith found in the pages of Scripture? In other words, what must an individual believe to be saved?  There are 5 essentials. Can you rattle them off? In this piece over at The End Time, Elizabeth Prata covers the essential doctrines of Christianity as well as the secondary essentials.  She also reveals what makes a religion false.  Prata writes:

Truth - falseIf it’s not one false religion, it’s another. False religion has been with us since the Garden. It’s nothing new. When Jesus returns, He mused whether He will even find faith upon the earth. (Luke 18:8)

The question of the day is, what makes a religion false?

Humans have an innate sense of worship. We don’t worship who God wants us to worship. We don’t worship in the way He wants us to worship. We don’t worship for the right reasons.

Examples of these are of course, Adam and Eve, who were tempted into worshiping themselves (“you will be like God”.) Cain did not worship in the right way. (Genesis 4:3-5). But there is a right way to worship and a wrong way to worship. Neither did Nadab and Abihu. (Leviticus 10:1). Many in the days of the Incarnation did not worship Jesus for the right reasons. They preferred the glory of men to the glory of God. (John 12:43).

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