The FBI’s October Surprise Is Devastating for Hillary Clinton

In light of the FBI re-opening its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, David French of National Review wonders if Democrats will ask Mrs. Clinton to step aside for the good of the country.  French writes:

hillary-clinton-2On Friday afternoon, the FBI uncorked the mother of all October surprises, announcing in a letter to Congress that it has re-opened its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s “personal email server.” The reason? During an “unrelated investigation”* it uncovered e-mails that “appear to be pertinent” to Clinton’s case. It is seeking to determine whether the e-mails contain classified information and can’t yet determine their significance.

Stripped of the legalese, it means that Hillary is back in legal jeopardy. The FBI doesn’t investigate and recommend enforcement actions against computer servers. It holds people accountable, and Hillary is the person most responsible for her own e-mail. I have three initial thoughts.

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