On Eve of Election, Americans Should Take Voter Fraud Seriously

According to Jason Snead of The Daily Signal, many liberals “insist–loudly and often–that voter fraud is a  myth. They are flat wrong, as The Heritage Foundation’s voter fraud database proves.” The fact is, “few states have the tools in place to detect fraud, before or after it occurs.”  Snead writes:

Photo credit: Illinois Family Action

Photo credit: Illinois Family Action

It’s only a day before the election. Millions of Americans are putting the stamps on their absentee ballots; millions more are preparing to take their (highly discouraged and possibly illegal) ballot box selfies. The rest of us will don “I voted” stickers and settle in for what promises to be a long night of breaking news in elections across the country.

But some can’t take the suspense and would prefer to have a “sure thing.” Elections are the path to power in our political system, and for these fraudsters, the will of the people is far too fickle a thing to rely upon when it comes to furthering their careers and their causes.

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