It’s the Culture, Stupid

In this piece over at News With Views, Lee Duigon tackles moral relativism.  Duigon points out that for many people “there’s no true truth, there’s only ‘your truth’ and ‘my truth.’” And when a culture turns away from moral truth and moral facts, the inevitable result is that people will revel in “waste, violence and perversion.”  Listen to what he has to say about education, entertainment and sports:

Truth - falseI had to write this column before Election Day, but you won’t see it until afterward. Anyway, by now you’ve probably had enough.

Even more important than elections is the condition of our culture. We can’t screw up our culture and expect that everything else will be okay. In fact, our politics and our economy are the way they are because our popular culture is a mess.

Movies, TV shows, music videos; best-sellers, worst-sellers, and comic books; big sports and little sports: this is our popular culture, most of which we like to call “entertainment.” This is what we pump into our heads every day, hour after hour. This is how we educate ourselves.

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