Calvary Chapel Association: Ready to move on?

CRN has published several articles regarding what has transpired at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa since the death of  its founder Chuck Smith.  Pastor Smith’s son-in-law, Brian Brodersen, is now at the helm of CCCM.  Many in the Calvary Chapel movement feel that Brodersen has gone off the reservation. Berean Research has been closely following the story.  Here’s BR’s latest report:

Calvary ChapelIt’s been a tough few weeks for the Calvary Chapel movement. Many are now asking themselves, among other things, if their churches need to find a new name to call themselves.  Mark Jeffries over at Emergent Watch has been following last week’s Brian Brodersen split from the Calvary Chapel Association, noting that Brodersen’s Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa legally owns the dove logo and the Calvary Chapel name itself, along with significant financial holdings.

In other words, the pastor is taking his whole ball of wax and going home, leaving the 1,600 other Calvary Churches uncertain if they can even legally call themselves Calvary any longer.

Jeffries reports that there are many more facts that most Christians are unaware of:

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