Hillsong & Worship: The Gospel According to Hillsong

Grace to You bloggers Cameron Buettel and Jeremiah Johnson tackle the music of Hillsong.  What they say is not a “fundamentalist rant.”  And it’s not “a screed against modern music infiltrating the church.”  They’re simply urging the brethren to be “wary when our ancient and exclusive faith is overrun with modern songs featuring a fluid and indistinct message.  In many instances, Hillsong lyrics are so vague they could be embraced by most religions.”

Buettel and Johnson begin with lyrics from “Only Wanna Sing”:

hillsong-churchThis is no performance Lord, I pray it’s worship Empty words I can’t afford I’m not chasing feelings That’s not why I’m singing You’re the reason for my song

And I only wanna sing If I sing with everything If I sing for you, my King

I can’t imagine why I would do this all for hype Cause it’s all to lift You high

At this point in the song—titled “Only Wanna Sing”—the music soars, the strobe lights fire up, and everyone on stage and in the crowd begins to dance with reckless abandon.

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