Publisher Won’t Pull Tullian Tchividijan Book Deal Despite Former Mistress Coming Forward, Calls for Repentance

Christian News Network reports:

Photo credit: Twitter

Billy Graham’s grandson, Tullian Tchividjian, is being called to step away from all forms of ministry as several women have come forward to tell their side of the story surrounding his affairs, including his former mistress who says that Tchividjian was only forced to resign after their sexual relationship had been caught on the church server.

But despite the revelations, Tchividjian’s publisher, David C. Cook, lead by Cris Doornbos, says that they are committed to publishing his new book, tentatively on the subject of grace.

“Our status with him (Tchividjian) hasn’t changed,” Chief Advancement Officer Tim McDonald recently told the Christian Post. “We’re committed to him and his family as a publisher and will continue to be so.”

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